How to develop an App for your event

We offer 3 models to use iVentize in your event:

1) Single event
For event planners who intend to have an app with the event’s visual identity and official sponsor. The APP will be developed to be used in one event or a series of events (for instance different event editions in different cities or in different dates)

2) Multi-Event
For event planners who’d like to offer the solution to their clients but wants to develop only one APP and have all the events under one umbrella for administrative purposes or limitations of investment due to the size of the event. The visul identity and sponsors will be limited to the Event Planner’s brand will be the same for all the events.

3) Non-Exclusive App
For event planners who need an automated solution but want a low investment solution, quick implementation (no need of approval or submission at the APP stores) and doesn’t require exclusive visual identity, sponsors or customisations.